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ReQL command: wait

Command syntax

table.wait() → object

database.wait() → object

r.wait(table | database) → object


Wait for a table or all the tables in a database to be ready. A table may be temporarily unavailable after creation, rebalancing or reconfiguring. The wait command blocks until the given table (or database) is fully up to date.

The wait command takes two optional arguments using optArg:

  • wait_for: a string indicating a table status to wait on before returning, one of ready_for_outdated_reads, ready_for_reads, ready_for_writes, or all_replicas_ready. The default is all_replicas_ready.
  • timeout: a number indicating maximum time, in seconds, to wait for the table to be ready. If this value is exceeded, a ReqlRuntimeError will be thrown. A value of 0 means no timeout. The default is 0 (no timeout).

The return value is an object consisting of a single field, ready. The value is an integer indicating the number of tables waited for. It will always be 1 when wait is called on a table, and the total number of tables when called on a database.

Versions of RethinkDB prior to 2.3 allowed wait to be called without a table or database specified. This is no longer valid; wait requires explicit selection of a database or table.

Example: Wait on a table to be ready.



{ "ready": 1 }

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