Announcing RethinkDB 2.4.1

We’re pleased to announce the availability of RethinkDB 2.4.1. This update includes bug fixes, build improvements and the reintroduced update checker. For a complete list of changes in this update, you can refer to the release notes. Don’t forget that we replaced our download server, please read our latest blog post.

Get involved

As an open-source project that is developed and financially supported by its users, RethinkDB welcomes your participation. If there’s a feature or improvement that you would like to see, you can help us make it a reality. If you’d like to join us, there are many ways that you can get involved.

Learn how to contribute to RethinkDB and find us on Slack, Discord, Twitter, or Freenode (#rethinkdb).

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Download server changes

We are continuously working to improve our infrastructure and make it easier for you to use RethinkDB. Today, we would like to announce the replacement of the download server. This change will affect every Docker image, Virtual Machines, and every platform, so please stay with us and read this post carefully. The download server will be at the same location ( ), but the repository structure of it will change.


Generally speaking, the new repository schema will look like<DISTRIBUTION>/, where <DISTRIBUTION> can be centos, ubuntu-bionic, raw and so on. Below you can find the changes for every distribution we currently support.

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Getting involved in 2020

To sum up 2019, although the first half of the year was not eventful, we really ramped things up in the second half. With your help, we were able to reclaim access to the website, gain control over credentials used for deploys, join CII Best Practices, set up CommunityBridge for fundraising, make the Discord community official, release 2.4.0, and more.

Building a community together

As of October 2019, we’ve asked for your help regarding community support, database development, and client development. We also shared a volunteering form to let us know if you are interested in helping out (thank you to everyone who has already signed up!).

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Announcing RethinkDB 2.4.0: Night Of The Living Dead

We’re pleased to announce the availability of the long-awaited release: RethinkDB 2.4.0 (Night Of The Living Dead). This update includes a range of bug fixes, stability improvements, new features, and more. For a complete list of changes in this update, you can refer to the release notes. To learn more about what else going on around RethinkDB, please read our latest blog post. Here are some of the highlights of this release:

  • Write hooks - attach to tables a function that can modify the behavior of any write
  • Bitwise operations - allows basic bitwise operations such as AND, NOT, OR, XOR, SAL and SAR
  • Permitted the hyphen character to be used in table names
  • Improved table page performance in the case with many databases
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Technical update: keep the ball rolling

As you may have noticed in our previous blog post, we did not cover every technical detail of what is going on around RethinkDB. Also mentioned earlier in a GitHub issue, communication was not our strength with regard to the future of the project, and we promised this would change. In keeping our word, here is a summary of what’s been going on the last few months and what’s in store.

Before we discuss the changes we made and what’s next, we need to clarify what our goals are and the current difficulties we face.

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