Use the RethinkDB C# driver in PowerShell on Linux

PowerShell is a scripting and command line shell built on top of the .NET runtime. Although it was originally created for Windows, Microsoft recently introduced an open source version of PowerShell powered by the cross-platform compatible .NET Core. Users can now download and run PowerShell on Linux and Mac OS X.

One of PowerShell’s strengths is its interoperability with the .NET ecosystem. PowerShell can load types and methods from .NET assemblies, making it possible for PowerShell scripts to incorporate functionality that is implemented in practically any C# library. That capability also makes PowerShell a great environment for interactively exploring C# APIs.

When Microsoft announced the availability of PowerShell on Linux earlier this month, I tried it out in a Docker container on my home Ubuntu server. As an experiment, I had it load up the C# RethinkDB driver developed by Brian Chavez. Using the driver, I was able to instantiate a RethinkDB database connection and perform queries from the comfortable confines of the interactive PowerShell command line environment.

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RethinkDB meets Pokémon Go: computing the shortest path between Pokéstops with ReQL

Mobile developer Niantic recently brought Nintendo’s popular Pokémon franchise to smartphones with an appealing augmented reality game called Pokémon Go. The much-anticipated launch was super effective, attracting an unprecedented audience. Around the world, aspiring Pokémon trainers are taking to the streets and hitting gyms, striving to be the very best–like no one ever was.

Here at RethinkDB, we’re having a blast(oise?) trying to catch ‘em all. We ventured out of the office last week to join the vast multitude of Pokémon enthusiasts playing the game in downtown Mountain View. In the interest of increasing the efficiency of our future Pokémon adventures, we began to consider how we could use RethinkDB to determine the best route for hitting all the local Pokéstops.

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RethinkDB 2.1.5 performance & scalability

This report describes a recent effort that the RethinkDB team took to measure our database product, RethinkDB, under different workloads and in different clustering configurations. We seek to provide a general overview of RethinkDB’s performance metrics for a variety of workloads and potential use cases. In this report some of the questions we’ll address include:

  • What sort of performance can I expect from a RethinkDB cluster?
  • How well does RethinkDB scale?
  • Can I trade consistency for performance?

We’ll answer these questions by using different workloads from the YCSB benchmark. You can learn more about YCSB here, and review the source code here. Expanding beyond the YCSB workloads we selected, we created an additional test which investigates scalability for analytic workloads.

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Introducing Horizon: build realtime apps without writing backend code

Today we are pleased to announce the first official release of Horizon, an open-source backend that lets developers build and scale realtime web applications. Horizon includes:

  • A backend server built with Node.js and RethinkDB that supports data persistence, realtime streams, input validation, user authentication, and permissions
  • A JavaScript client library that developers can use on the frontend to store JSON documents in the database, perform queries, and subscribe to live updates
  • A command-line tool that can generate project templates, start up a local Horizon development server, and help you deploy your Horizon application to the cloud

The Horizon server is a complete backend that developers can use to power their applications. It’s great for rapid prototyping: simply run the Horizon server from the command-line and develop your frontend user experience with the Horizon client library. Frontend developers can use Horizon to create full applications without writing any backend code.

Horizon is open-source software, which means that you can use and modify it as you see fit. Run a local instance on your laptop during development and then deploy your application anywhere you want: low-cost VPS hosting environments, scalable public cloud platforms, or your own bare metal. Horizon takes advantage of RethinkDB’s battle-tested clustering, which makes it easy to scale as your audience grows.

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