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    ReQL command: line

    Command syntax

    r.line([lon1, lat1], [lon2, lat2], ...) → line

    r.line(point1, point2, ...) → line


    Construct a geometry object of type Line. The line can be specified in one of two ways:

    • Two or more two-item arrays, specifying latitude and longitude numbers of the line’s vertices;
    • Two or more Point objects specifying the line’s vertices.

    Longitude (−180 to 180) and latitude (−90 to 90) of vertices are plotted on a perfect sphere. See Geospatial support for more information on ReQL’s coordinate system.

    Example: Define a line.

        r.hashMap("id", 101)
         .with("route", r.line(r.array(-122.423246, 37.779388),
                               r.array(-121.88642, 37.329898)))

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