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    ReQL command: getIntersecting

    Command syntax

    table.getIntersecting(geometry).optArg("index", index) → selection<stream>


    Get all documents where the given geometry object intersects the geometry object of the requested geospatial index.

    The index optarg is mandatory. This command returns the same results as row -> row.g(index).intersects(geometry). The total number of results is limited to the array size limit which defaults to 100,000, but can be changed with the array_limit option to run.

    Example: Which of the locations in a list of parks intersect circle1?

    import com.rethinkdb.gen.ast.Circle;
    Circle circle1 =, 32.719464), 10)
                      .optArg("unit", "mi");
    r.table("parks").getIntersecting(circle1).optArg("index", "area").run(conn);

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