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ReQL command: intersects

Command syntax

sequence.intersects(geometry) → sequence

geometry.intersects(geometry) → bool

r.intersects(sequence, geometry) → sequence

r.intersects(geometry, geometry) → bool


Tests whether two geometry objects intersect with one another. When applied to a sequence of geometry objects, intersects acts as a filter, returning a sequence of objects from the sequence that intersect with the argument.

Example: Is point2 within a 2000-meter circle around point1?

import com.rethinkdb.gen.ast.Point;

Point point1 = r.point(-117.220406,32.719464);
Point point2 = r.point(-117.206201,32.725186);, 2000).intersects(point2).run(conn);

// Result:

Example: Which of the locations in a list of parks intersect a given circle?

 .intersects(, 32.719464), 10).optArg("unit", "mi"))

The intersects command cannot take advantage of a geospatial secondary index. If you’re working with large data sets, you should consider using an index and the getIntersecting command instead of intersects.

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