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ReQL command: args

Command syntax

r.args(array) → special


r.args is a special term that’s used to splice an array of arguments into another term. This is useful when you want to call a variadic term such as getAll with a set of arguments produced at runtime.

Note that args evaluates all its arguments before passing them into the parent term, even if the parent term otherwise allows lazy evaluation.

Example: Get Alice and Bob from the table people.

r.table("people").getAll("Alice", "Bob").run(conn);
// or
r.table("people").getAll(r.args(r.array("Alice", "Bob"))).run(conn);

Example: Get all of Alice’s children from the table people.

// r.table("people").get("Alice") returns (in JSON)
// { "id": "Alice", "children": ["Bob, "Carol"] }

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