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ReQL command: expr

Command syntax

r.expr(value) → value


Construct a ReQL JSON object from a native object.

The native object can be any Java primitive type, as well as Array, List, Map, LocalDateTime, ZonedDateTime, OffsetDateTime, and POJOs (“plain old Java objects”) whose classes are public and whose numeric properties are Long instead of Integer.

If the native object is of type bytes[], then expr will return a binary object. See binary for more information.

Example: Objects wrapped with expr can then be manipulated by ReQL API functions.

import com.rethinkdb.model.MapObject;

// Create object { "a": "b" }
MapObject newData = r.hashMap("a", "b");

// merge with { "b": [1, 2, 3] }
r.expr(newData).merge(r.hashMap("b", r.array(1, 2, 3))).run(conn);

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