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ReQL command: geojson

Command syntax

r.geojson(geojson) → geometry


Convert a GeoJSON object to a ReQL geometry object.

RethinkDB only allows conversion of GeoJSON objects which have ReQL equivalents: Point, LineString, and Polygon. MultiPoint, MultiLineString, and MultiPolygon are not supported. (You could, however, store multiple points, lines and polygons in an array and use a geospatial multi index with them.)

Only longitude/latitude coordinates are supported. GeoJSON objects that use Cartesian coordinates, specify an altitude, or specify their own coordinate reference system will be rejected.

Example: Convert a GeoJSON object to a ReQL geometry object.

import com.rethinkdb.model.Geojson;

// GeoJSON object:
//      {
//          "type": "Point",
//          "coordinates": [ -122.423246, 37.779388 ]
//      }
Geojson geo = r.hashMap("type, "Point")
               .with("coordinates", r.array(-122.423246, 37.779388));

    r.hashMap("id", "sfo")
     .with("name", "San Francisco")
     .with("location", r.geojson(geo))

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