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    ReQL command: time

    Command syntax

    r.time(year, month, day[, hour, minute, second], timezone) → time


    Create a time object for a specific time.

    A few restrictions exist on the arguments:

    • year is an integer between 1400 and 9,999.
    • month is an integer between 1 and 12.
    • day is an integer between 1 and 31.
    • hour is an integer.
    • minutes is an integer.
    • seconds is a double. Its value will be rounded to three decimal places (millisecond-precision).
    • timezone can be 'Z' (for UTC) or a string with the format ±[hh]:[mm].

    Example: Update the birthdate of the user “John” to November 3rd, 1986 UTC.

    r.table("user").get("John").update(:birthdate => r.time(1986, 11, 3, 'Z')).run(conn)

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