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ReQL command: db_drop

Command syntax

r.db_drop(db_name) → object


Drop a database. The database, all its tables, and corresponding data will be deleted.

If successful, the command returns an object with two fields:

  • dbs_dropped: always 1.
  • tables_dropped: the number of tables in the dropped database.
  • config_changes: a list containing one two-field object, old_val and new_val:
    • old_val: the database’s original config value.
    • new_val: always nil.

If the given database does not exist, the command throws ReqlRuntimeError.

Example: Drop a database named ‘superheroes’.


    :config_changes => [
            :old_val => {
                :id => "e4689cfc-e903-4532-a0e6-2d6797a43f07",
                :name => "superheroes"
            :new_val => nil
    :tables_dropped => 3,
    :dbs_dropped => 1

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