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    ReQL command: config

    Command syntax

    table.config() → selection<object>

    database.config() → selection<object>


    Query (read and/or update) the configurations for individual tables or databases.

    The config command is a shorthand way to access the table_config or db_config System tables. It will return the single row from the system that corresponds to the database or table configuration, as if get had been called on the system table with the UUID of the database or table in question.

    Example: Get the configuration for the users table.


    Example return:

        :id => "31c92680-f70c-4a4b-a49e-b238eb12c023",
        :name => "users",
        :db => "superstuff",
        :primary_key => "id",
        :shards => [
                :primary_replica => "a",
                :replicas => ["a", "b"],
                :nonvoting_replicas: => []
                :primary_replica => "d",
                :replicas => ["c", "d"],
                :nonvoting_replicas: => []
        :indexes => [],
        :write_acks => "majority",
        :durability => "hard"

    Example: Change the write acknowledgement requirement of the users table.

    r.table('users').config().update({:write_acks => 'single'}).run(conn)

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