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ReQL command: js

Command syntax

r.js(js_string[, :timeout => <number>]) → value


Create a javascript expression.

timeout is the number of seconds before r.js times out. The default value is 5 seconds.

Whenever possible, you should use native ReQL commands rather than r.js for better performance.

Example: Concatenate two strings using JavaScript.

r.js("'str1' + 'str2'").run(conn)

Example: Select all documents where the ‘magazines’ field is greater than 5 by running JavaScript on the server.

r.js('(function (row) { return row.magazines.length > 5; })')).run(conn)

Example: You may also specify a timeout in seconds (defaults to 5).

r.js('while(true) {}', :timeout => 1.3).run(conn)

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