Installing RethinkDB

    Official packages

    Community supported packages

    Ready to install the client drivers? Take a look at the drivers install page.


    Docker provides an official RethinkDB repository on the Docker Hub. To deploy RethinkDB on Docker, run the following command:

    $ docker run -d -P --name rethink1 rethinkdb

    You can find unofficial community-supported Docker images on our Frameworks and Libraries list under “Docker images.”

    Installing on other platforms

    Building from source

    If your platform isn’t listed here, you may still be able to build from source. You should be able to build RethinkDB on most Linux-based systems—check out the generic build instructions. If you get RethinkDB running on your platform, please contribute a package!

    Other architectures

    Currently the RethinkDB server only supports x86 and x86_64 architectures on Unix-based platforms, and has experimental ARM support (thanks to the effort of @davidthomas426).

    Our long-term goal is to port RethinkDB to every widely-used platform. Get involved in the development effort and help port RethinkDB to more platforms.

    Older versions

    Binaries for previous versions of RethinkDB are available in the download archive.