ReQL error types

RethinkDB has three classes of errors: driver (ReqlDriverError), query compilation (ReqlCompileError) and runtime (errors subclassed from ReqlRuntimeError).

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Error types

ReqlCompileError: the query cannot be compiled by the server. This may be due to a syntax error, such as an unrecognized optional argument, or specifying the wrong number of arguments to a command. Note: Some drivers may catch certain syntax errors and return a ReqlDriverError before sending the query to the server.

ReqlRuntimeError: the parent class of all runtime errors (all errors on the server unrelated to compilation). Programs may use this to catch any runtime error, but the server will always return a more specific error class.

ReqlQueryLogicError: the query contains a logical impossibility, such as adding a number to a string.

ReqlNonExistenceError: a ReqlQueryLogicError that results from accessing a non-existent field or something else that can be handled with the default command.

ReqlResourceLimitError: query execution caused a resource limit (for example, the array size limit) to be exceeded.

ReqlTimeoutError: the query has timed out. (This error happens on the client, not the server. Depending on driver implementation it may derive from a native error class rather than ReqlError.)

ReqlAvailabilityError: the parent class of ReqlOpFailedError and ReqlOpIndeterminateError, indicating that a server in the cluster is unavailable. Programs may use this to catch any availability error, but the server will always return one of this class’s children.

ReqlOpFailedError: the operation has failed due to cluster state, configuration or table availability.

ReqlOpIndeterminateError: the status of the operation cannot be verified due to cluster state, configuration or table availability.

ReqlUserError: an error produced by the error command.

ReqlInternalError: query execution stopped due to an internal error, i.e., a server bug.

ReqlDriverError: an error has occurred within the driver. This may be a driver bug, or it may be an unfulfillable command, such as an unserializable query.

ReqlPermissionsError: the user account does not have the permissions necessary to execute the query. See Permissions and user accounts for more information.

ReqlAuthError: the client failed authentication with the server. This is a subclass of ReqlDriverError.


All errors are subclassed from the ReqlError class.

  • ReqlError
    • ReqlCompileError
    • ReqlRuntimeError
      • ReqlQueryLogicError
        • ReqlNonExistenceError
      • ReqlResourceLimitError
      • ReqlUserError
      • ReqlInternalError
      • ReqlTimeoutError
      • ReqlAvailabilityError
        • ReqlOpFailedError
        • ReqlOpIndeterminateError
      • ReqlPermissionsError
    • ReqlDriverError
      • ReqlAuthError