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ReQL command: without

Command syntax

sequence.without([selector1, selector2...]) → stream

array.without([selector1, selector2...]) → array

singleSelection.without([selector1, selector2...]) → object

object.without([selector1, selector2...]) → object


The opposite of pluck; takes an object or a sequence of objects, and returns them with the specified paths removed.

Example: Since we don’t need it for this computation we’ll save bandwidth and leave out the list of IronMan’s romantic conquests.


Example: Without their prized weapons, our enemies will quickly be vanquished.


Example: Nested objects can be used to remove the damage subfield from the weapons and abilities fields.

r.table('marvel').without({'weapons' : {'damage' : True}, 'abilities' : {'damage' : True}}).run(conn)

Example: The nested syntax can quickly become overly verbose so there’s a shorthand for it.

r.table('marvel').without({'weapons' : 'damage', 'abilities' : 'damage'}).run(conn)

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