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    ReQL command: &, and_

    Command syntax

    bool & bool → bool

    bool.and_([bool, bool, ...]) → bool

    r.and_([bool, bool, ...]) → bool


    Compute the logical “and” of one or more values.

    The and_ command can be used as an infix operator after its first argument (r.expr(True).and_(False)) or given all of its arguments as parameters (r.and_(True, False)). The standard Python and operator, &, may also be used with ReQL.

    Calling and_ with zero arguments will return True.

    Example: Return whether both a and b evaluate to true.

    > a = True
    > b = False
    > (r.expr(a) & b).run(conn)

    Example: Return whether all of x, y and z evaluate to true.

    > x = True
    > y = True
    > z = True
    > r.and_(x, y, z).run(conn)

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