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ReQL command: row

Command syntax

r.row → value


Returns the currently visited document.

Note that row does not work within subqueries to access nested documents; you should use anonymous functions to access those documents instead. (See the last example.)

Example: Get all users whose age is greater than 5.

r.table('users').filter(r.row('age').gt(5)).run(conn, callback)

Example: Access the attribute ‘child’ of an embedded document.

r.table('users').filter(r.row('embedded_doc')('child').gt(5)).run(conn, callback)

Example: Add 1 to every element of an array.

r.expr([1, 2, 3]).map(r.row.add(1)).run(conn, callback)

Example: For nested queries, use functions instead of row.

r.table('users').filter(function(doc) {
    return doc('name').eq(r.table('prizes').get('winner'))
}).run(conn, callback)

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