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ReQL command: and

Command syntax

bool.and([bool, bool, ...]) → bool

r.and([bool, bool, ...]) → bool


Compute the logical “and” of one or more values.

The and command can be used as an infix operator after its first argument (r.expr(true).and(false)) or given all of its arguments as parameters (r.and(true,false)).

Calling and with zero arguments will return true.

Example: Return whether both a and b evaluate to true.

var a = true, b = false;
r.expr(a).and(b).run(conn, callback);
// result passed to callback

Example: Return whether all of x, y and z evaluate to true.

var x = true, y = true, z = true;
r.and(x, y, z).run(conn, callback);
// result passed to callback

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