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ReQL command: reconnect

Command syntax

conn.reconnect([{noreplyWait: true}, ]callback)

conn.reconnect([{noreplyWait: true}]) → promise


Close and reopen a connection. If no callback is provided, a promise will be returned.

Closing a connection normally waits until all outstanding requests have finished and then frees any open resources associated with the connection. By passing false to the noreply_wait optional argument, the connection will be closed immediately, possibly aborting any outstanding noreply writes.

A noreply query is executed by passing the noreply option to the run command, indicating that run() should not wait for the query to complete before returning. You may also explicitly wait for a noreply query to complete by using the noreplyWait command.

Example: Cancel outstanding requests/queries that are no longer needed.

conn.reconnect({noreplyWait: false}, function(error, connection) { ... })

Alternatively, you can use promises.

conn.reconnect({noreplyWait: false}).then(function(conn) {
    // the outstanding queries were canceled and conn is now available again
}).error(function(errror) {
    // process the error

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