Building RethinkDB from source

These are generic build instructions. Take a look at the install page if you are looking for a specific platform.

Building from source

Get the build dependencies

There are a number of packages required for the build process. Most should be available for your operating system’s repository. These packages are:

On Ubuntu, you can install the build dependencies with apt-get, following the instructions here.

The ./configure script can install some of these dependencies if they are missing.

Get the source code

Download and extract the archive:

tar xf rethinkdb-2.4.4.tgz

Build the server

Kick off the build process:

cd rethinkdb-2.4.4
./configure --allow-fetch

Building from git

The git version of RethinkDB contains unreleased and unstable changes. It is meant for developers and contributors.

Get the source code

Clone the development branch:

git clone

Check out the branch or tag you want:

git checkout v2.4.x

Build RethinkDB

Kick off the build process:

cd rethinkdb
./configure --allow-fetch
make -j8

You’ll find the rethinkdb binary in the build/release/ subfolder.