We've raised $1.2m to help build RethinkDB

2010 will be an incredibly exciting year for database technology. The amount of stored information has long been increasing exponentially, presenting unprecedented challenges for modern technology companies. Dropping RAM prices and affordable multicore CPUs have drastically changed the hardware profile of a typical server machine from what it was only five years ago. The emergence of solid-state drives is about to revolutionize database systems, enabling new kinds of applications we can barely envision today.

The database technology we have been using for over four decades is about to become obsolete. At RethinkDB, we’re redesigning databases from the ground up to meet modern data management demands, and to take advantage of the latest advances in hardware. We’re working to breathe new life into database technology, from the low level intricacies of database internals, to high level data access technology.

To help us build a disruptive database system, we’ve raised a seed round of over $1.2 million from a syndicate of some of the best institutional and angel investors in Silicon Valley. The institutional investors that participated in this round include Highland Capital Partners, Avalon Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, and Charles River Ventures. Our angel investors include Brian Pokorny from SV Angel, Paul Buchheit, Udi Manber, Steve Chen, and Russ Siegelman. Database guru, Jeremy Zawodny, has signed on as an advisor to our company. We’re looking forward to working with these amazing people to build a great product that can solve many of the emerging data management problems.

Over the next eighteen months, we intend to build a world-class team of software engineers to help create the database of the future. We are looking for people passionate about algorithms, computer architecture, and solving challenging problems. If you’re interested in building products that will have huge influence on the software industry for years to come, we’d love to hear from you!