A tasty RethinkDB video roundup for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost here: it is time to configure your dinner tables for family clusters and prepare some turkey for batch insertion of stuffing. To show how thankful we are for our amazing community, we put together this tasty video playlist with our best leftovers from October and November. It will help keep you entertained while you try not to succumb to the inevitable post-turkey tryptophan coma. Enjoy!

RethinkDB on FLOSS Weekly

RethinkDB co-founder Slava Akhmechet participated in a recent episode of TWiT’s FLOSS Weekly video podcast. The hour-long interview includes a lengthy discussion about RethinkDB’s origins, open source values, and suitability for real-time application development. Slava also shared lessons learned during RethinkDB development and talked about some future plans for the project.

Scale up RethinkDB apps on AWS with Docker

Climb Amazon’s Elastic Beanstalk with RethinkDB co-founder Michael Glukhovsky in a presentation filmed at this month’s Docker meetup. During the 20-minute talk, Michael demonstrated how to deploy a RethinkDB application on AWS with Docker. Learn how Docker containers and RethinkDB changefeeds make it easy to scale real-time apps in the cloud.

Build realtime location-aware apps with RethinkDB

RethinkDB Developer Evangelist Ryan Paul shook up a crowd last month with a short presentation about earthquake mapping. Ryan demonstrated how to use geospatial queries in RethinkDB to plot earthquake data on a map. Ryan also demonstrated how location-aware applications can take advantage of RethinkDB changefeeds to deliver real-time updates.

Pub/Sub made easy with RethinkDB

RethinkDB engineer Josh Kuhn made Gotham’s streets a little safer during a five-minute presentation at last month’s RethinkDB meetup. He demonstrated how to track comic book superhero match-ups in real-time using repubsub, a lightweight pub/sub library that uses RethinkDB as a message exchange.

RethinkDB hosting webinar with Compose

Our friends at Compose now offer a managed RethinkDB hosting service in the cloud. In a webinar last month, RethinkDB co-founder Slava Akhmechet and Compose CEO Kurt Mackey demonstrated how to use the service and discussed how it works.