Feed RethinkDB changes directly into RabbitMQ

RethinkDB’s new changefeeds let your applications subscribe to changes made to a table in real-time. They’re a perfect match with a distributed message queue system like RabbitMQ: changes can be sent from RethinkDB to a RabbitMQ topic exchange with only a few extra lines of code. RabbitMQ then queues them to pass on to any client subscribed to that exchange. If you need to to send information about those changes to a large number of clients as efficiently as possible, RabbitMQ is the rodent you need. Imagine a changefeed for real-time stock updates being distributed to a thousand terminals on a trading floor.

@deontologician has written an integration tutorial on using RethinkDB with RabbitMQ, and he’s provided it for all three of the languages we support: JavaScript (using ampqlib for Node.js), Python (using pika), and Ruby (using Bunny). Even if you’re not using one of those languages, the basic techniques in the article should get you going.

Check it out: Integrating RethinkDB with RabbitMQ