RethinkDB's first community client driver is for Haskell

Thanks to Etienne Laurin, there is now a Haskell client for RethinkDB: check out the release announcement on Haskell-Cafe.

The first version of the protocol definition is arcane and undocumented (a new spec proposal is in the works), so he took on the daunting task of reverse engineering the existing published drivers. Etienne and is the first community member to release a RethinkDB community driver.

There were quite a few RethinkDB team members that really wanted to implement this themselves, but Etienne was first– and we’re very grateful for his hard work. The result looks great:

run h $ orderBy ["reduction"]
    . groupedMapReduce (! "Stname") mapF (0 :: NumberExpr) (R.+)
    . filter' filterF
    . pluck ["Stname", "POPESTIMATE2011", "Dem", "GOP"]
    . zip'
    $ eqJoin (table "county_stats") "Stname" (table "polls")
        where mapF doc = ((doc ! "POPESTIMATE2011") R.*
                        ((doc ! "GOP") R.- (doc ! "Dem"))) R./ (100 :: Int)
            filterF doc = let dem = doc ! "Dem" :: NumberExpr; gop =
doc ! "GOP" in (dem R.< gop) `and'` ((gop R.- dem) R.<

The next step is to make this a monad!

An improved protocol definition and accompanying documentation is upcoming, which we hope will make writing RethinkDB libraries in other languages easier. The question remains: which language will be next? Go? Clojure? Arc?