RethinkDB example apps

Today we’ve updated the documentation page with a set of simple example apps that use RethinkDB as the backend database. These examples should serve as a quick way to figure out how to use stack X with RethinkDB. While very basic, the examples give a good idea of how to put all the pieces together.

So far we’ve published two applications based on the following stacks:

  • A todo list built with Flask, Backbone.js, and RethinkDB (see it on GitHub)
  • A simple Pastie app built with Sinatra and RethinkDB (see it on GitHub)

The code is available on GitHub under the MIT license. We really like the documentation format generated by rocco.rb, so we used it to annotate the source code. Documenting these apps has been a good exercise in eating our own dog food because we had to put the API to work and identify new ways to improve it.

If you have a favorite stack that you’d like to see let us know. Of course you can also write an example app yourself, and we’ll make sure to include it in the list.