RethinkDB is out: an open-source distributed database

There are many exciting database products that make developing scalable applications much, much friendlier and easier. After three years of work, our humble contribution to the field is out. RethinkDB is built to store JSON documents, and scale to multiple machines with very little effort. It has a pleasant query language that supports really useful queries like table joins and group by, and is easy to setup and learn.

Here’s a quick feature list of RethinkDB 1.2 (Rashomon):

  • Simple programming model
    • JSON data model and immediate consistency
    • Distributed joins, subqueries, aggregation, atomic updates
    • Hadoop-style map/reduce
  • Easy administration
    • Friendly web and command-line administration tools
    • Takes care of machine failures and network interrupts
    • Multi-datacenter replication and failover
  • Horizontal scalability
    • Sharding and replication to multiple nodes
    • Queries are automatically parallelized and distributed
    • Lock-free operation via MVCC concurrency

Check it out and tell us what you think!