Rethink and Rails together? A NoBrainer!

Have you been looking for a tutorial on using RethinkDB with Ruby on Rails? RethinkDB’s Josh Kuhn (@deontologician) has contributed a new integration article for our documentation on using NoBrainer, a RethinkDB ORM that’s close to a drop-in replacement for ActiveRecord.

If you already have a little experience with Rails, NoBrainer will feel familiar and natural to you already. You get model generation, scaffolding, validation, and belongs_to and has_many associations. And, you get a lightweight wrapper around ReQL that lets you execute queries like this:

# Find a comment from a user with 'bob' in its name sorted by the name.
# Note: NoBrainer will use the :name index from User by default
User.where(:name => /bob/).order_by(:name => :desc).to_a

Go read the full guide: Using RethinkDB with Ruby on Rails