Write about RethinkDB & you could win a prize!

Starting today, we’re sponsoring $500 for the best content written about RethinkDB during Pluralsight’s hack.guides() 2016 Tutorial Contest.

If you’re not familiar with hack.guides(), it’s a developer community for writing technical guides. It’s a great way to collaborate with other writers and help spread your knowledge across a growing open-source community!

What makes the best RethinkDB content you ask? In this case, one-third of your score is based on the number of hearts (or “likes”) that your article receives, one-third is based on the number of legitimate social shares of your article, and one-third is determined by a panel of Pluralsight’s API judges who will gauge your writing style, effective use of technologies and APIs, ability to communicate your point, and overall quality… no Cs get degrees here, folks!

If you need help organizing your thoughts or want to run an idea by us, join the #content channel at slack.rethinkdb.com or shoot us a tweet @rethinkdb.

We’re excited to read all of your entries…good luck!