Go driver for RethinkDB hits 1.0, production-ready

Dan Cannon’s GoRethink project provides a RethinkDB driver for the Go language. Earlier this week, Dan released GoRethink 1.0 and announced that the driver is now ready for use in production environments.

GoRethink is among the most popular and well-maintained third-party client drivers for RethinkDB. It supports the latest RethinkDB features while offering clean integration between ReQL and Go’s native syntax. In addition to standard driver functionality, GoRethink also includes a number of advanced features like connection pooling.

I first wrote about GoRethink back in February, when I published a tutorial that demonstrates how to build an IRC bot with Go and RethinkDB changefeeds. I also showed how to build realtime web applications with GoRethink by broadcasting changefeed updates over Socket.io.

Alongside various fixes and improvements, the GoRethink 1.0 release also features some minor API changes that make capitalization more consistent with Go conventions. Be sure to take those differences into account when reading the tutorial linked above and other content written for older versions of the driver.

Go’s native concurrency features make the language particularly well-suited for realtime web applications. I’ve also found that Go’s nested structs offer a relatively painless way to work with complex JSON documents without giving up type safety. GoRethink makes good use of the language’s strengths, which can help to boost developer productivity.

Want to try it yourself? Install RethinkDB and check out the official GoRethink documentation.