Compose announces RethinkDB 2.1 hosting, now with high-availability

Our friends at Compose announced today that they are taking the beta label off of their RethinkDB hosting, offering it as an officially-supported service that is ready for adoption in production environments. They also updated the service to use RethinkDB 2.1, which introduces support for automatic failover.

Compose is a popular Database as a Service (DBaaS) provider that recently became part of IBM’s Cloud Data Services group. They began to offer RethinkDB cloud hosting last year in an experimental public beta. Their hosted RethinkDB deployments come with automatic scaling and backups, with flat monthly pricing per gigabyte of used storage capacity. Compose worked closely with members of our engineering team and user community in order to refine their hosting service and get ready for production use.

With their adoption of RethinkDB 2.1, they are now using the database’s built-in support for automatic failover to offer high-availability deployments. Each of their hosted RethinkDB deployments in the cloud will now consist of a three-node cluster.

Compose also put together a simple new approach to authentication that will make it easier for applications to access hosted RethinkDB deployments. It uses conventional SSL, eliminating the need to manually configure SSH tunnels. Thanks to some improvements contributed by Compose, our first-party client drivers support the new SSL authentication scheme out of the box.

Groopt, a startup that provides a platform for online communities, began using RethinkDB hosting from Compose in production last year. In an article published on eWeek, Groopt developer John Barker discussed some of the advantages.

“Working with RethinkDB on Compose has been nothing short of fun and pleasurable,” Barker told eWeek in a statement. “Using a database made for modern-day applications that is supported by a team that understands databases, the complexities of providing high availability at the push of a button and ‘Grade-A’ customer service… it’s a rare gem.”

If you are looking for managed RethinkDB hosting in the cloud, Compose has you covered. If you would like to give it a try, you can head over to their site and register for a free 30-day trial. For more details, check out their announcement and the news coverage at eWeek.