Realtime stories: learn how Lendio, ClientSuccess, and Platzi use RethinkDB

We regularly hear exciting things from developers who use RethinkDB in production environments to solve real-world problems. Today we’re excited to share some of those stories with the community.

We’re launching a new section on our website with short videos that give you an opportunity to hear RethinkDB users share their experiences in their own words. We’re very proud that RethinkDB helps thousands of companies around the world solve real-world problems, and we’ll be sharing more of their stories with you in the coming weeks.


Lendio helps small business owners find and secure loans for their companies. Their team uses RethinkDB changefeeds to process realtime data from borrowers and lenders, avoiding the overhead incurred by polling. They chose RethinkDB because it offers a compelling mix of relational features and schemaless flexibility that accelerate development of Lendio.


ClientSuccess provides a cloud-based platform that helps SaaS providers manage their customer relationships. RethinkDB simplified the way that their application synchronizes data with Salesforce and other sources. ClientSuccess started using RethinkDB because it is easy to scale and deploy, but they quickly discovered that its realtime push capabilities make it easy to create more engaging frontend user experiences.


Platzi is an education platform that streams live video alongside realtime discussion. RethinkDB powers live updates and instant messaging in their online courses. The Platzi team chose RethinkDB because its push model helped them enable realtime collaboration between students and educators.

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