RethinkDB 2.0: production ready

We’re proud to announce that after five years of development, RethinkDB is ready for production. Download RethinkDB 2.0 (Yojimbo) now!

We designed RethinkDB from the ground up to make building and scaling realtime apps dramatically easier. The cumulative development effort behind the project includes more than 2,000 improvements, implemented across 16 major releases. Our GitHub repository has nearly 30,000 commits, spanning the lifetime of the project.

RethinkDB 2.0 inverts the traditional database model. Instead of polling for changes, the developer can tell RethinkDB to continuously push live query updates to the application. Propagating updates from the persistence layer simplifies realtime application architecture by eliminating the need for external message queues and other extraneous plumbing. You can also take advantage of RethinkDB’s distributed architecture to effortlessly scale your realtime app.

RethinkDB is used in production today by hundreds of technology startups, consulting studios, and Fortune 500 companies. Here are some example use cases:

RethinkDB has a vibrant community of over 100,000 developers, and hundreds of amazing contributors from around the world.

Alongside today’s 2.0 launch, we’re pleased to introduce RethinkDB commercial services. Our core engineers will support your team with training courses and hands-on workshops, development support to help you get your project up and running faster, and production support to give you peace of mind when you deploy your application into production.

Read about new features in RethinkDB 2.0: check out the 2.0 release candidate post.

Install RethinkDB 2.0 today and get started with our introductory ten-minute guide.

Our development team would love to hear your feedback on RethinkDB 2.0!