Get the most out of RethinkDB with commercial services

Deliver great products to your customers with the help of the core team behind RethinkDB. Get up to speed on best practices, accelerate time to market, and have a peace of mind.

RethinkDB training

Learn best practices.

  • Hands-on workshops on ReQL, scalability, and deployment.
  • Courses taught by core RethinkDB engineers.
  • Get up to speed quickly and avoid common pitfalls.

Development support

Accelerate time to market.

  • Online support throughout the development of your project.
  • Get your questions answered by core RethinkDB engineers.
  • Dramatically speed up product development.

Production support

Have peace of mind.

  • On-demand support from core RethinkDB engineers.
  • Help with deployment, scaleout, and monitoring.
  • Hot fixes and emergency patches for critical issues.

  • RethinkDB has the best query language of all new databases I’ve seen. Guillermo Rauch, Cloudup CTO, creator of Mongoose
  • RethinkDB is probably the most interesting new ‘on-disk + complex queries’ database out there. For sure made by people who get it. Salvatore Sanfillipo, creator of Redis
  • At NASA, RethinkDB is radically simplifying how we provide real-time services in support of Extra-Vehicular Activity. Collin Estes, Director of Software Engineering, Chief Architect - MRI Technologies Inc. - NASA / ESOC

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