Join us online for a live presentation and Q&A for RethinkDB 1.14

Join us online on Thursday, August 21st at 1:30pm for a live presentation and Q&A session presented by RethinkDB’s co-founder Slava Akhmechet. You’ll learn about new and upcoming features in RethinkDB 1.14, including:

  • Changefeeds: get realtime push notifications of changes in the database.
  • r.http: Don’t fetch data from the internet and store it in the database, get the database to fetch it for you!
  • Binary data types: store images, zip files, and arbitrary binary data in a field.
  • Other features in RethinkDB 1.14: Promises in the JavaScript driver, Python 3 support, and seamless migrations.

To attend, register for the webinar, and follow the instructions you receive via email.

If you have any problems signing up or any questions about the event, please contact